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it is a double tragedy to share the johnson family loss. >> to come to the memorial, it means a lot, he would have loved it, knowing that everyone cared so much. >> it is so sad, but his cousin, even though he did nothing wrong, he will have to think about this and know what happened. >> the cause is under investigation. some family members are saying the steering wheel came off. >> in vallejo police are investigating the 6 the homicide of the year. there were shots fires in a home. officers found a victim dead inside a garage. he was an older man but have not released his name. no arrests or a motive yet. this is the second homicide since thursday. >> today, a former santa clara supervisor will plead guilty to
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charms connected to misuse of taxpayer dollars. the prosecution says the veteran politician used public money and campaign funds for parties, golf outings and gambling and is charged with four felony counts of perjury for lying on campaign finance report. he faces a felony count of misappropriation of public funds. the distribute attorney says he faces up to a year in county jail and $50,000 in fines. >> the man charges with stealing a luxury yacht and running it aground is scheduled to be in court this morning for a preliminary hearing. the 63-year-old pleaded not guilty to grand theft and other charges in court two weeks ago. he is accuses of stealing the $2 million yacht in sausalito and damaging it on the rocky shoreline. charges were dropped against the two others on the boat. investigators say those two did not know the yacht was stolen. >> this morning, oakland police continue to question several people in connection with the latest homicide. a man was shot to death, another
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was seriously hurt yesterday morning. officers surrounded a home on 25th avenue and international boulevard where they believed the suspect was holed up. they arrested a man. they detained at least since other people after a ten-hour stand off. a person drove the two victims to the hospital. one of the victims died. this is the 18th homicide of the year in oak. >> firefighters are letting a delta wildfire burn uncontrolled. they say it does not pose a threat on lower sherman island where the second meadow rivers comes together with the san joaquin. you can see thick black smoke in the air. the fire department is letting it bun because it will be difficult to reach and no person or building is threatened. the smoke drifted over antioch bringing down soot and ashes. >> you could clearly see big ash that was coming down with all
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the soot, in my hair, in my backyard, all over my dog. >> local hospitals have not reported breathing problems from the smoke. >>the opening session of the national postal forum begins in san francisco at the mascone center with protests planned by american postal workers and the mail handlers union. the post master is scheduled to speak to the forum which is a gathering of executives of the direct mail industry. their business depends on the post am service. the workers' union is protecting plans to cut saturday delivery service. congress also is are asked a move to try to keep mail delivery on saturday but it is not clear what they can do because the postal service does not receive federal appropriations and gets all revenue from the sale of stamps and other services. >> i am a huge snail mail send irand i am disappointed about
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saturday. >> the thank you notes will have to wait. >> so sad. hopefully something can be figured out. did you enjoy the weekend? >> it was gorgeous. i worked and enjoyed the sun the. >> we will check with our meteorologist, mike nicco, for the weather. >> a little too much sun. here is a look at what is going on, live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet right here with visibility high because of the lack of cloud cover. how do we need that rain? very badly. santa rosa is nearly 6.5" in deficit. 5" in deficit in san francisco and more than 3" in deficit in san jose. today we are starting off cool with clear conditions, 30's to mid-40's. the clouds will increase through the afternoon. a mild day with democrats in --
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with temperatures in the upper 50's at 4:00, and mid-50's at the coast and upper 50's to low 60's. tomorrow the clouds will be getting thicker and drop rain in the evening. the best chance of rain is tuesday night into wednesday morning with lingering showers wednesday afternoon and the day on thursday looks brighter. >> golden gate bridge is free with no road work. it is a nice drive. from the tunnel into san francisco, it is nice. you will not be able to pay cash after the 27th to get across the golden gate bridge. we have a solo spin out in central lafayette westbound 24 to the right shoulder. checking the drive from the central valley right now, it is looking good with a lot of green. that is what we like to see coming up and over the pass into livermore. >> it was a plot right out of
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the movies the daring prison break involving helicopters that almost worked. >> the parking sticker shock for thousands attending the world baseball classic. city leaders say, get used to it. >> in today's tech bytes, fans of "alien" have been waiting for sears for the sequel but it is a disappointing. >> it looks ugly, it is not a fund game to play, the logic does not make sense, the story telling is second rate and everything just doesn't quite work. >> he says it looks 10 years old with a few tweaks it could have been a good game. >> the first tweet from pope francis asks followers to pray for him with two million followers in english. get this, a slow fax machine caused a big loss for a pro
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football player. the $30 million contract with the broncos arrived six minutes late so he was a free agent and he sacked his agent. those are
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 4:41. three people are under arrest following a daring but brief prison escape. authorities say two men were hoisted out of a prison in canada on a rope dangling from a helicopter. they were dropped next to a waiting car. police caught up with a man in an hour and they arrested two suspected politicians. the second man surrendered early this morning. investigators say he was forced to take part in the escape. >> not the typical beach fine. $4 million worth of marijuana on a santa barbara beach.
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authorities found 2,000 pounds of marijuana yesterday. the sheriff deputies made the discovery. here is a picture of the marijuana, 50 plastic wrapped bales. authorities are testing the drugs and other evidence and the boat which investigators believe was used to smuggle the drugs. early this month, $1 million worth of marijuana was found near the air force base. >> pope francis officially takes over the job during ceremonies tomorrow, he faces major challenges in the court and questions of his past. here is that report. >> he has been pope for four days but he is already celebrated as a people's pope speaking with humor in the first sunday appearance from the window overlooking st. peter's square. he told the crowd of god's love and forgiveness and a down-to-earth farewell: enjoy
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your lunch. >> he is down-to-earth person. he will do wonderful. >> he celebrated mass at a small vatican church and stunned onlookers with unprecedented display of personal touch moving into the crowd, shaking hands and kissing people. >> he is with the people and speaking to them. that message goes far. >> todays francis prepares for the inaugural mass of the papacy as hundreds descend on vatican city from around the world including the president of argentina, who will meet with him after the questions of his past grabbed headlines. the then archbishop of the capital turned a blind eye during argentina's period of military rule in the 1970's. the vatican rejected the accusations as "slander." the mass will be held tomorrow
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at st. peter's and broadcast live for the 1.2 roman catholic church to join in prayer. >> crews are preparing damage from a water main break if sausalito that flooded streets. the southern marin fire district says one street is closed 2349 area of b street. you can see part of the road buckled. no homes or businesses were flooded by the rushing water. the pipeline belongs to the marin municipal water district. there is no word on how long the repairs could take. >> san francisco's at&t park is filled with fans although it is only march and is hosting the semi finals of the third ever world baseball classic. the team from the netherlands seen working out on saturday, will face the dominican run tonight. the winner advances to tomorrow's championship game against puerto rico which defeated the defending champion, japan, last night, 3-1.
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giants' old fielder grabbed the final out. >> world baseball classic fans were the first to pay the new meter premium near the park at $7 an hour rather than the usual $5 an hour. bush special -- during special events there is a new parking program including all giants' home game bring the higher hourly rate and some think it is a rip-off. >> i have to think twice about coming up here or maybe i do mass transit. $7 an hour that is absolutely ridiculous. >> the rates are in affect until 10:00 at might and the city is trying to kill two birds with one stone, managed limited parking spaces and boost the revenue. >> you want to do something, you have got to pay. >> beautiful day. perfect for baseball, right?
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>> now outside for what is going on, beat red with square a, i forgot to square sunscreen to a double header. you can see how dry and quiet our weather is right now. we will talk about what is going to happen today. we are going to have clouds and mild conditions during the afternoon hours. with the increasing clouds temperatures are still nice. wet weather on tuesday and wednesday, a high chance of getting rain but not a lost rain in the forecast and dry and warm weather the coming weekend. we will look at temperatures todays running in the upper 60's to near 70 in the south bay with san jose at 68. up the peninsula we start in the upper 60's and drop to the mid-60's. at the coast, we will have upper 50's to near 60 degrees and daly city is at 58. 62 in downtown. 63 in south san francisco. through the north bay we start
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off at 65 in sausalito and in the valleys, upper 60's to near 70. at your beaches, upper 50's to near 60. with mostly clouds this afternoon, mid-60's overalong the east bay shore with oakland and san leandro at 66. inland, upper 60's, and pleasanton around 70. tonight, warmer this morning because of cloud cover with low-to-mid 40's inland and antioch is at 47. upper 40's to 50 at the shore and san francisco. tomorrow morning there will be extensive cloud cover with waves of clouds until 2:00 or 3:00. then we get our first shot of light rain in the north bay. in the evening, light rain breaks out and you can see the light rain continuing during the overnight hours. here comes the cold front as it sweeps through on wednesday morning during the commute. that will give us our best chance of organized light rain and scattered showers on back
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side of the system. i he we can get a quarter inch of rain and maybe double in the higher elevations. temperatures are coolest on wins, 2 to 12 degrees cooler. we will be up to 70's for the weekend. >> 80 as it moves through berkeley, there is a solid stream but it is light with no major delays. a little bit of bunching where 580 messages. to the macarthur maze, a look at san mateo bridge, the tail lights are headed westbound on the flat section and everything is moving nicely. it is hazy but no visual delays. elsewhere in central lafayette we have the solo spinout on the right shoulder, that is not blocking a lane westbound 24 at the central lafayette exit, we will take a look at the drive from antioch, a little bit of yellow as we see on the road headed to pittsburg but not a bad ride. >> this could affect wall street today, europe's largest bank is
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cutting thousands of jobs. the financial times says hsbc will slash 5,000 jobs. and of the cuts happen in the united states where the bank has more than 40,000 workers mostly on east coast. the pink slips will save the bank $1 billion. >> rebound is preparing to leave for a three day visit to the middle east with lowered specifications. obama will depart on wednesday for israel where he hopes to smooth over relations with the prime minister binyamin netanyahu and will visit the wet bank. he will only spend a few hours meeting with palestinians. the latest poll published by israeli newspaper finds 38 percent define president obama's attitude to israel as "hostile." only ten percent view him as favorable. >> coming up the confusion that sent a car into a north bay store. >> the parking changes along a popular san francisco street that
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>> a massive wildfire continues to rage this morning in tennessee in the smoky mountains destroying dozens of cabins and threatening a neighborhood. 35 cabins have burned to the ground as crews from 25 different agencies battle the 300-acre fire that broke out yesterday afternoon. cabins have been evacuated and homeowners living on the other side of a ridge have been told to prepare to evacuate. no injuries have been reportd and no estimate on when the fire could be maintained. >> f.a.a. officials are investigating the deadly crash of a private plane that slammed into a neighborhood. two of the four people were killed this yesterday's crash. three more people on the ground are in the hospital. the pilot radioed he was having electrical problems right before the crash the at least 200 people in the neighborhood were evacuated for several hours because of a gas leak caused by the crash. >> the highway patrol is
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investigating whether reckless driving is to blame for a deadly accident on interstate 680. a motorcyclist died in a chain reaction accident that closed the highway for about an hour and a half last night. one car burst into flames after the motorcycle hit it going northbound in walnut creek. at least two other vehicles were involved. witnesses told the highway patrol that the motorcyclist and the driver of a dark-colored car were driving recklessly before the crash. >> competing meet insurance are held tonight to address changes in parking along polk street. the san francisco transportation agency wantses to eliminate some parking spots along the corridor they say that it is to make pole be safer and more inviting but many people opposed the redesign. those against it will gather at 6:30 at "it's a grind" a coffee shop.
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>> you notice a trend in the stories we have reported this morning? parking? san francisco? >> a lot of money. a lot of differing opinions. >> we will check in with our meteorologist, mike nicco. it will be perfectly nice this afternoon. >> another gorgeous day but not so sunny as yesterday in the afternoon. starting off clear but look at the clouds in the afternoon hours. that will keep us around 70 inland and mid-to-upper 60's for the bay share and upper 60's for the coast into san francisco. if you travel around the state, check out live doppler 7 hd, it is quiet everywhere, but we will see an increase in clouds and the northern half of the state so eureka is 53 and tahoe is becoming cloudy and 55 which is better than the record highs and mid-70's through the central valley and san diego is only 60 and palm springs nearing 90. sue? >> good morning, everyone, taking a look at san jose, as you move from highway 87 headed
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in the northbound direction. the h.p. pavilion shows the headlights moving nicely. no delays here and no fog and everything is clear and back to the bay bridge toll please, no problems but everything is at the limit on the upper deck with no slow downs on the incline. we have a solo spinout on right hand shoulder, west 24, right at central lafayette, not seeing any slowing on the scene. >> police think the death a graffiti tagger in sacramento was an accident. the body of the 22-year-old was found on the pavement below a bridge yesterday morning. police believe he was spray painting on the bridge when he fell. a memorial has grown in the spot. he was part of the sacramento graffiti killers a gang blamed for a dramatic spike in property damages to businesses and convicted device for graffiti randallism. four are recovering in minor injuries after a small truck
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slammed through the front door of a thrift store in vallejo yesterday afternoon. the driver was treated and released and the police are trying to figure what caused the driver to plow into the store. a city building inspector declared the shop off limits until crews can repair the damage. >> gold digging. areas rattled by earthquakes, could be great places to hunt for gold. university researchers in australia say the energy released by the earthquakes can vaporize the water that collects in the fault lines and leave behind gold. over thousands of years, the gold can accumulate into large deposits. >> this morning, crews in texas clear away the rubble of a bridge. check this out. workers set off explosions and in seconds an old highway bridge in one town was demolished.
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spectators gathered to watch. the explosives were so powerful they knocked out 9-1-1 and telephone service. a person who lives 26 miles away from the blast could feel her house shake. the implosion cleared the way for a bigger bridge. >> "boom" in the east bay, people stomping their feet in kitement over a cow in st. mary's getting invites to the ncaa big dance. next, the doubling win for cal bears. >> in the east bay, the people lending a hand to beautify oakland.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 5:00 on this monday morning. i am clear clap filling in for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we will check with mike nuclear to see if the sun will continue. >> the clouds are increasing but it will be dry today and better part of tomorrow during the daylight hours. when we have sunset, it will be nice. now, the temperatures show it is then in petaluma and half moon bay for the cool spot. 41 in palo alto. saratoga and pleasanten, 42 and walnut creek is 46. headed in the afternoon you can see the increase in clouds and still immediate. 60 at the coast and 70 inland. >> happy monday, everyone, post
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st. patrick's day with no delays at the bay bridge and no metering lights. everything is good into san francisco, highway 24 in lafayette is now gone. that good news. we will look at the drive as you make your way to the oakland area, we have road work, 880, both directions between embarcardero and fruitvale. that will be picked up shortly. >> north bay community is grieving over the loss of a 14-year-old killed in a tragic racing accident. the students at middle school gathered last night to remember marcus johnson. on saturday, he was one of two in the pit area at the raceway park and was killed by an out-of-control sprint car that was actually being driven by marcus' cousin, chase johnson, 17 years old, a senior at petaluma high school. a double tragedy for those who are sharing the johnson family

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